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Are you afraid to answer the phone? We have answer

Spam callers
Are you afraid to answer the phone? We have answer

You surely deal with this situation from time to time. You got some important errands during the day when you receive a call from an unknown number. You have the urge to turn off the caller but then you wonder what if it's an emergency call from your kid's school. You answer the phone and it's one of those annoying spam calls.

Unwanted calls are nothing new. They affect thousands of people each day. Scammers claiming to work for government agencies, technical support, or asking for your health insurance information.

On average, over half (54%) of the calls that people received were unwanted. People in their 20s receive an average of 11 unwanted calls per week, people in their 30s and 40s receive 12, and people aged 50 and older receive 13 unwanted calls per week. This is a huge problem especially in Latin America, India, Indonesia or South Africa.

We at BlockSpamCalls have a mission to create a world free of annoying and unwanted spam calls. We put together a database which contains more than 20 million numbers from all around the world. You can simply look up phone numbers via our search engine. Just type the number of your unwanted call and then you will know who you are dealing with.

What makes us different from other companies is the huge database with constant updates. Every user can participate through adding an unknown call which will be then categorized. Future users will know that this number is suspicious so it keeps them informed.

We are aware that website is a static medium for call blocking so we have developed two call blocking applications - Numbo for iOS and Octocaller for Android. App warns you when you receive an unknown number. You can easily block it or look up what type of number was that. You can also create your own personal list of numbers, so you can identify the caller immediately.

Apps are also able to filter your incoming text messages thanks to the keywords you have chosen. The app will detect the entered keyword in your texts and filter it into a junk folder. Their aim is to save your time and nerves. Also to keep your life without distractions.

Decide what to do with unwanted callers. Do you want to block them from ever calling you? Or do you want to leave them access but be warned when their number comes up? Or do you want to deal with each number individually? It's all up to your decision.

Ready to get rid of spam? Try out Numbo for iOS, or OctoCaller for Android and enjoy a spam-free life.

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