Are you getting distracted by spam messages? We have a solution

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Numbo isn't just a regular call blocking app, it has much more to offer. When we speak about the app we mostly pinpoint features like number lookup, blacklist, call blocking and our 10+ million number database. We missed one crucial feature, which is sms filter. In this article we will show how it works and how it can help you with everyday spam fight.

Last year in India people came into contact with 29.7 bn spam calls and 8.5 bn spam sms. Brazilians receive on average 45,6 spam calls during a month and in other countries it spans somewhere between 5 to 31 calls. During COVID-19 pandemic there was a slight decrease of scammers between march and june, but nowadays it's slowly getting back on track.

At home you are more likely to answer the phone

Now it's even easier to trace you. When you work at home you are susceptible to answer the phone even when you don't recognize the number, because it might be a co-worker or colleague, who is trying to get in touch with you. Even the same could be applied to sms of any kind. Scammers know that everyone is working at home and the robocalls, solicitations, and promises are non-stop.

Where to find SMS filter

As it was mentioned above, Numbo has many features. One of them is sms filter, which you can simply find under settings in the lower right corner next to “more”. Tap on it and you will be directed to the menu “Add keywords” with a big white box. In the white box you can write well-known scammers words like offer, limited, sale, exclusive, extra, offer or anything that you want.

Drop of callers

How it works

Whenever you are ready you can end adding keywords. Now when you receive a message it will be shown in Messages in the messages junk folder. Numbo asks you during the first run for all needed permissions. For more information just go to Settings -> Messages -> Filtering messages; here you need to see Numbo.

If you realize that some of your chosen keywords are irrelevant just tap on edit in upper right corner and delete those keywords you want. Working with sms filter is user friendly and super easy.

Drop of callers

Almost the same thing you can do with unknown calls. You can easily block it or look up what type of number was that. You can also create your own personal list of numbers, so you can identify the caller immediately.

Drop of callers

It's all up to your decision

Decide what to do with unwanted callers. Do you want to block them from ever calling you? Or do you want to leave them access but be warned when their number comes up? Or do you want to deal with each number individually? It's all up to your decision.

Ready to get rid of spam? Try out Numbo for iOS /Android, or OctoCaller for Android and enjoy a spam-free life.

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