Learn the Difference Between Spam, Scam, and Robocalls

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Learn the Difference Between Spam, Scam, and Robocalls

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Most of us have already heard the terms spam calls, scam calls, and robocalls. Many of us have experienced them first hand. The majority of us hate all these unwanted calls.

But not everyone understands the difference between them. They are all unsolicited and illegal. But some are more dangerous than others.

Learn about spam, scam, and robocalls and protect your money, time, and personal information.

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What is a Spam Call

A spam call is very similar to a spam email, promoting various products and services you never expressed interest in. Spam is a piece of information coming to your phone or inbox you didn’t give consent to.

Spam calls are annoying and they take away your time but they are not necessarily dangerous. The biggest danger is that you will fall victim to the marketing pressure and buy whatever the spam is advertising.

The caller is usually a telemarketer trying to sell a product or a service. Sometimes in a very pushy and an aggressive way.

Stay alert, firmly decline the offer and you should be fine.

What is a Scam Call

A scam call, on the other hand, is designed to steal something from you. Most commonly your money or some personal information, like your social number.

Those are carefully crafted to get the information they need and making sure the receiving end won’t suspect a thing. They can pose as someone else to get your attention, trust, or fear. They, too, can push you to buy something you don’t want.

Scam calls are dangerous and can cost you a lot of money.

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What is a Robocall

A robocall is another type of spam call, meaning they are annoying but not as dangerous as scam calls. It is a pre-recorded message that gets sent to thousands of phone numbers with the goal of selling something.

Ignore any call with a robotic voice or prerecorded message.

Want protection from spam, scam, and robocalls?

Do you want to get rid of all these unwanted calls forever? All scam calls and unsolicited spam calls are illegal but they are still happening in large numbers. This means that legal action is not enough to protect you from all these annoying and dangerous calls.

We develop apps that will protect you, your time, and your money. Say no to spam, scam, and robocalls once and for all. Download Numbo for iOS, or OctoCaller for Android.

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