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The COMPLETE GUIDE to spam calls for 2020

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The COMPLETE GUIDE to spam calls for 2020

Do you hate these unwanted spam calls, too?
You are having an important business meeting.
Suddenly you get a phone call from an unknown number.
It may be an emergency call from your kids' school ...
… or it can be an annoying spam call.

You excuse yourself as you pick up the phone …
… only to find out it is a telemarketer who wants to ask “a few questions”.

This could have been avoided.

Protect yourself from spam callers

In this article, you will learn

  • What is a spam call and why are they an issue
  • How can you block spam calls (there is an app for that)
  • How can you report a spam number so he won’t bother anyone else

What is a spam call

To put it simply, a spam call is any unwanted, irrelevant and annoying call. They come mostly from companies trying to sell you something or get some kind of information from you.

Spam callers are a serious issue

According to the Federal Communications Commission, Americans receive 2.4 billion unwanted spam calls each month.

Charles Kennedy, a senior adjunct fellow at TechFreedom, said to The Washington Post the problem of spam calls is difficult to solve. Legal action may not be so effective.

The best way to protect yourself is to just block these calls using an app, for example.

Why are spam calls on the rise

“Almost anybody with a little bit of technical ability can become a robocaller overnight,” said Barlow, the Do Not Call Program Coordinator at the FTC, to the USA Today. Spam callers use a software instead of a traditional telephone line, making them completely automated. This kind of software is also cheaper than ever and very simple to use. A robocaller would also need voice-over recording and a phone number database all of which can be found or made today.

Chart: Top spammers in US

How to identify a spam caller

Identifying a spam caller means you know that number is not trustworthy and you shouldn't pick it up. There are 2 ways that can help you identify spam callers.

The first is through a call blocking app. When you install a call blocking app an alert will appear on your phone while it is ringing. This will tell you if the number is safe to pick up or if it is a spam.

The second option you have is through an on-line reverse phone lookup. You can type any number in the search bar.

You can get more information in our full article on identifying spam calls.

The next step to get rid of spam calls is to block them.

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Call blocker
The COMPLETE GUIDE to spam calls for 2020
Learn how to BLOCK and REPORT all the unwanted spam calls you are receiving on your cell phone. Everything you need to know to protect yourself.
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