How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

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How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

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Do you keep calling someone without ever getting an answer? If yes, you are probably wondering if this person has blocked you on their phone or through their wireless carrier. Even though the easiest way to find out is just to ask the person outright (if you are meeting them in person), but if don't have that chance or you are afraid to ask, you probably want to find out how to know if someone blocked your number?

There are few clues that can indicate a person has blocked your number:

  • the number of call rings
  • the message you hear
  • repeatedly hearing the “busy” signal

BEFORE YOU START, try calling on another day at a different hour. Maybe the person you are trying to reach has a meeting or another engagement at that time and temporarily blocks all incoming calls.

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The number of call rings

How many rings do you hear before the call goes to voicemail? There are 3 different patterns you might observe:

  • just one ring before voicemail,
  • three to five rings before voicemail,
  • many many rings before voicemail.

When you stay on the phone for a long time and the person is still not responding, their phone is ringing, they are just not picking it up. Maybe they left it somewhere or are just engaged in something else.

If you hear a couple of rings, this shows the person declined your incoming call manually. This means you are not blocked but that person doesn’t want to speak to you (right now).

If you hear the voicemail right after one ring, you have probably been blocked on their phone. Sorry!

The message you hear

Are you hearing an unusual message while trying to call the person? The message won’t say outright that you have been blocked, it will be more along the lines of:

“The person you are calling is unavailable.”


“The person you are calling is not accepting calls right now.”

If you try to call multiple times and keep hearing the same message, evidence shows your number has probably been blocked.

Hearing the “busy” signal

This one is less common, but hearing the “busy” signal can also be an indicator that the called person has blocked you through their wireless carrier.

Think, isn’t the person abroad? Or having another engagement preventing them from responding to the phone? If not and you keep hearing the “busy” signal you could have been, indeed, blocked.

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