One Ring Scam Calls: How to Protect Yourself

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One Ring Scam Calls: How to Protect Yourself

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Have you ever received a phone call that only rang once and then hung up? If yes, it is possible you were targeted as a potential victim of one of the so-called “one ring scam calls”.

We usually think to call back any missed calls. This is exactly what the scammers want. But in doing so we might lose hundreds of dollars

What are these one ring scam calls and how can you protect yourself?

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What is the one ring phone scam

The one ring scam calls (also known as “Wangiri”) are based on the premise, that the called person would call the missed number back. The number may appear to be from within the United States but isn’t (scammers choose these numbers carefully to make them look so). Those scammers are calling from abroad and if you call back, you will be charged for premium services, international calling, or toll-calling. They may also send you a pre-recorded message urging you to call back.

How does the one ring scam work

This scam is based on you calling the missed number back. These are usually expensive premium-rate numbers, but you won’t know that before or even during the call. The scammers will try to keep you on the line for as long as possible. The more you stay on the line, the more this call will eventually cost you.

They might tell you you have won a special price or some money to enhance your curiosity and will encourage you to wait on the line to claim that price. They might then play some music to make you wait for as long as possible.

Ways to protect yourself against spam calls

How to stop once ring phone calls

You can’t really stop these phone calls from happening, you can only take some precaution measures. You may also consider filing a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission but legal action is not effective enough in this matter.

  • Don't answer or return any calls from numbers you don't recognize.
  • Search any unknown number on BlockSpamCalls before calling back.
  • Download an app that automatically alerts you of all suspicious numbers.
  • Always be cautious, even if a number appears authentic.

The best way to protect yourself is prevention. Do not call back missed calls from unknown numbers before checking them in the spam numbers database. If you do decide to call back, be alert and cautious even if the number appears to be legit.

The most powerful and time-effective way to protect yourself against spam and scam calls is to download an app on your phone that will automatically alert you if a suspicious number is trying to reach you.

We wish you the best of luck fighting scam callers and hope you never fall victim to their schemes.

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